Tewkesbury Alleys

Tewkesbury Alleys
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Tewkesbury's Alley Adventures
Tewkesbury's Alleys are steeped in heritage and provide some of the most sought after homes. Owners love their character cottages, closeness to their neighbours and the Town centre, just about everything is a short walk away.
Tewkesbury Alleys
Local history tours "Tewkesbury's Historic Lanes and Alleys", reveal a very differnt story in the distant past, for more on tours click the What's On Guide button at the bottom of this page (limited numbers and events) or call Tourist Information: 01684 855040.
There's also any day DIY Alley Adventures, a walk map will shortly be available here (sorry delayed - by 12 Sep 2018).
Tewkesbury Alleys
More recently the town's people have made great efforts to keep the Alleys as rights of way, pedestrians and quality of life comming first. The authorities agreeing to pave and maintain many of them in classic hard wearing blocks, which now indicate a right of way, but there's still more to be done.
Tewkesbury Alleys
The Alley's provide great short cuts to just about anywhere, which is part of the magic of the alleys.
Tewkesbury Alleys
Some, long closed at one end, have become Courts.
Tewkesbury Alleys
Shakespear Gravestone Tewkesbury At the end of some Alleys you will find a River and Boats, down others a Traditional Market, down another Fish in a Brook, down another 'Crumpets', another has an old confectioners, another leads to a Shakespear grave (a known bard's relative) and an early Baptist Chapel (1623), another former alley leads to a 12th century barn, now an old pubs medieval dinning area.
Tewkesbury Alleys
You will also find the sun setting on 'The Beach' at the end of one Court.
Tewkesbury Alleys
Project AlleyCat
Project Alleycat is a community project to promote interest in and revitalise Tewkesbury's historic alleys.
Many Alleys were first created during the middle ages within burgage plots (land) granted to Burgesses who were 'freeman' introduced to Tewkesbury by Queen Maud (Matilda) in 1141. This was an early effort at ecconomic development to generate wealth, thus tax revenue, by encouraging merchants to make and sell goods. The High Street was created at this time with the first strip (furlong) of the open field called Oldbury split into two.
For more about Project AlleyCat and Alley history, click the button at the bottom of this page.
Alley Magic
The notion that Tewkesbury's Alleys magically transport you to somewhere else is already a developing idea for a children's adventure book and film series.
Outline: On holiday in Tewkesbury the children's chance discovery of a relic on the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury field, leads to a protective force that shockingly whisks them away to safety in another alley when a bully attacks. The children, through their adventure discover real historic records from the time telling that one of the leading combatants on the 1471 battle field disappeared without trace when cornered. The children go on to discover the relic's connections with historic events. In the first sequel the children return on holiday to discover Tewkesbury's legendary secret tunnels and the history around them.
(Extract from script introduction (c) Simon Hopkins 2015)

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