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Tewkesbury Medieval Town
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Tewkesbury Town REAL TIME Rivers Flood Map

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Tewkesbury Town is Flood Safe, the High Street and Town Centre car parks never flooding in recorded history, lower lying areas including other car parks do flood regularly, the lowest for up to 3 months, see graph below (ref: official Borough Council records).
Tewkesbury Lowest Area Car Park Flooding Graph
NOTE: This page reloads automatically about every 15 minutes to provide the latest updates. At dry times you may see little or no change in the information for long periods. This information system is intended to help the public and visitors understand that Tewkesbury Town is flood safe and that any difficulty at the wetest times is easily avoided.
Tewkesbury Town Flood Safe Areas Map
The Town Centre car parks provide the highest ground, 3 meters above the highest known flood, thus a safe assembly area to park or move to should flash flooding occur. It is also where some emergency services operate during flood emergencies.
Tewkesbury Town Flood Safe Area
Tewkesbury Real Time Location Flooding Table
The table below provides Real Time River Height and Low Lying Area Flooding Prediction, Locations with a Red Background predicts flooding now at the lowest point(s) of the location(s), higher river levels indicate the potential amount of flooding. The table below and the RiverFlowView™ map above is updated up to twice per hour.
(Heights in Meters)Height
Low Point
Starts at
Location** OFFICIAL
Highest Flood
[ local depth ]
Evesham 22.50Waterside Rd25.02 [ 2.52 ]
Pershore 16.00B4084
Bridge St (south)
18.07 [ 2.07 ]
Bredon 12.24Dock Lane13.67 [ 2.67 ]
Tewkesbury  9.88The Ham12.98 [ 3.10 ]
  10.55 CAR PARK Vine Yards
(129 spaces) 
  10.75 Gander Lane (lower)  
  11.05 Northway Lane (Newtown)  
  11.25Howells Rd
(Hospital rear entrance)
  11.30 Walton Cardiff Lane  
  11.30 Gander Lane Junc.
Swilgate Road 
  11.40 CAR PARK Rails Meadow
(127 spaces) 
  11.45 CAR PARK Abbey Gander
Lane exit (49 spaces) 
  11.63 CAR PARKS St Mary's
Lane (45+29 spaces) 
  11.65 CAR PARK Boat House
Pub (35 spaces) 
  11.68 CAR PARK Back Of Avon
(33 spaces) 
  11.75 Gloucester Road A38  
  11.85 CAR PARK Gloucester
Road (46 spaces) 
  11.90A46 Morrisons
Ashchurch Rd
  12.00 Bredon Rd B4080  
  12.40 A38 Mythe Rd  
  12.60 Link Rd  
Kempsey 13.00Lower Ham14.97 [ 1.97 ]
Upton on Severn 12.25Malvern Rd B421113.43 [ 0.98 ]
Mythe Bridge 12.49Ledbury Rd A43813.00 [ 0.51 ]
Haw Bridge 11.70B421312.23 [ 1.43 ]
** Note: Official heights which may not reflect real maximum heights
Heights are in Meters AOD ie: Above Ordnance Datum (OS Map Heights)
Location Land Heights and Descriptions last updated: 04/01/2016

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IMPORTANT: River measuring stations or other elements of equipment on rare occasions can break down, the flood information services provided may be limited by such break downs and thus can not be absolutely relied upon at such times. OS Map Heights may not always be up to date due to OS update, construction and geographic changes.
OUTAGE: Noon 3 Feb 2016 to 3pm 9 Feb 2016 - We are sorry to say the Environment Agency (EA) changed the access codes for river gauges without notice on 3rd Feb causing flood advisory systems to fail, we are sorry it took so long to discover the new codes, this is down to the new codes not being openly disclosed by the EA.
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