Tewkesbury Lower Lode Ferry

Tewkesbury Lower Lode Ferry
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Tewkesbury Lower Lode Walk & Ferry
Lower Lode Inn, Bishops Walk, Tewkesbury, GL19 4RE

The 15th Century Lower Lode Inn is one of the most tranquil settings anywhere, with several acres of green lawns. The Inn is well known for it's quality accommodation, good food and drink, relaxed atmosphere and log fires in winter (see website button further down).
The Ferry when running, is a one mile level walk from the Town centre through pretty coyntryside as shown on the pictorial map below. The alternative longer walk (see second map further down) is about a 2.5 mile scenic public footpath walk.
Tewkesbury Lower Lode Ferry Walk
** Operation of the Ferry is dictated by demand, season, weather and the state of the Severn river. The Real Time Live Feed headline above (in red) provides the latest information from the Ferry.
Tewkesbury Lower Lode Countryside Walk
In about 1835 the canalisation of the river occured which raised the river level, before that the ferry crosssing was a ford route to Wales. Further back in time to the Wars of the Roses and the 1471 Battle of Tewkesbury, this was the route the fleeing Lanacastrians and Welsh contingent took, few made it, many meeting their end in the Bloody Meadow, to the side of Lower Lode Lane.
This is the Lower Lode Ferry around 1910, which carried horse drawn coaches, farm stock, pedestrians and early motor vehicles.
Tewkesbury Lower Lode Ferry circa 1910
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