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What's On DIY Events
Note: This guidance last updated 2 Jan 2019 (updates in blue).
If you already know how to use this system click the following Post Event button, otherwise please see the guidance below.
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Mobile DEvice Event Posting
For any quantity of event posting a regular PC device may be quicker and easier thus the most efficient.
Posting well in advance is important to reach the most people, statistics show that popular event interest starts several weeks if not months before, many people planning their time well ahead.
Any Event of interest to the Public (within 10 miles congestion free) may be posted, this includes short term special events like genuine high discount retail sales (max 14 days listing) or a new establishment opening (max 7 days listing).
Events over multiple days need an individual entry for each day to reach the most people, use your browser Back Button to return to the posting form still populated, all you need do is change the date and re-submit.
For visitor events that may run over several weeks, we can auto post these for you, see contact us button below.
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Information You Need To Hand
If you have any difficulty, click the 'Contact Us' button above or the Welcome page to contact us.
It may help you to check out the What's On Guide (button above) to see how others do it.
Before you start you may save time by having the following information to hand.
Event Title: This should be short and clear, the first words should catch public attention, such as...
  • Children's
  • Craft Fair
  • Fete
  • Film
  • Music
  • Sale
  • Show
  • Workshop
Good titles are more likely to draw public interest.
Type of Event: Simply select the most apropriate type from the list, if it's not there use 'other' and ask us to include a new type.
Event Start time and End time: It's important to be accurate with times, some may have other things to do or need to book lifts home and will need to know the end time.
Address and Post Code: This needs to be brief and clear so that strangers to the area easily find the event. Only include the Post Code in the seperate box.
Prices: Use a £ sign and include any different prices for Children and others, keep it brief, for example: '£6 up to 5pm then £9, concessions £8, U26 £6' gets a lot of information in a short space. Use capitals for 'FREE EVENT' to catch attention.
Phone: A phone number may not always be available, but it's a good idea to include one if it can help people check for cancelations, directions or other event information. The Tourist Information Office phone number may be an option (talk to them first).
Description: Some short accurate description should always be included. This is used to help inform other media, not just Tewkesbury's What's On Guide.
Website: A web address should only be included if it leads directly to clear and specific event information. Do not use ' https:// ' at the start of your web address, the system adds it automatically, just use 'www.' for all web addresses.
Email Address: Only use a plain email address like: name@live.co.uk
 ?  There are help buttons beside each entry on the Post Event Page.
Important: When posting more than one event, use your browser back button to return to the Event Form still populated with your information, you then only need to change what is neccessary such as the dates or times.
To start posting an event click the following button...
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