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Tewkesbury Town Website Producer
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Website  Producer  www.Tewkesbury.town
Tewkesbury.town™ (also TewkesburyMedievalTown.uk™ and TewkesburyTown.uk™) is produced in Tewkesbury by 'WWW Support Services' using decades of media experience and know how.
Safe and secure media is provided for all. Cookies and individual visitor tracking are not permitted. Own design Social Media share button code prevents regular tracking. Website names are protected to prevent misuse by others.
Many years have been spent discovering and recording Tewkesbury's fine features and outstanding heritage.
This proprietary system is a constantly developing show case and visitor guide reaching a large national and world wide audience, important for building long term visitor and shopper interest in Tewkesbury Town.
Developing interest is monitored, the graph below showing 2415 human page reads over 24 hours 14 July, statistically we are reaching about 10,740 unique people at this peak time (July) per month, each reading 3 pages (on average), average interest group size 2.4 (UK demographics), thus the overal effective audience is circa 25,700 people per month, 88% of those are within travel distance of the Town (UK based).
Tewkesbury Town Visitor Interest Graph
Tewkesbury World Wide Visitor City Locations
The map above shows tourism interest from cities world wide (Jan 2020), the majority are in the UK 88% (map too small to show overlap detail), followed by the USA 8%. The Real Time map changes contantly (not shown).
Ideas and content suggestions are welcome from anyone, in the first instance please use the email button below for first contact.
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Floodeye.uk™ is another unique development by WWW Support Services, which simply makes working round the occassional floods easy. 'Tewkesbury TV' (YouTube) is another, as is 'Tewkesbury Town News' (FaceBook).
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 Floodeye.uk   or    Tewkesbury TV 
This website is funded by contributions to it's development, thus helping improve visitor enjoyment and the economy for all.
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